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Whether you're an athlete looking for sports optimization or someone who is suffering from acute or chronic pain, we have a treatment option to fit your needs. We offer advanced therapeutic/medical massage, deep tissue massage, active isolated stretching and sports massage therapy to help you on your road to recovery and injury prevention.

There's no denying the power of bodywork. Regardless of the adjectives we assign to it (therapeutic, rejuvenating, pampering) or the reasons we seek it out (pain management, stress relief, or a luxurious treat), massage therapy can be a powerful component of your healthcare regimen. An investment in massage is an investment in your health.

Choose Therapeutic Massage For: 
• Pain removal• Surgery prevention • Injury prevention • Sports optimization • Reduce anxiety & depression • Repetitive stress injuries • Restore mobility balance & alignment • Enhance immune system • Relief for headaches & migraines • Providing relief for MS • Parkinson's • Fibromyalgia • Arthritis • TMJ disorder • Carpal tunnel syndrome • PTSD and many more...

Get Long Term Relief At Last...

Carol Jenkin is currently the only SET Practitioner in the state of Pennsylvania

Structural Energetic Therapy (SET)

Rehabilitation for acute and chronic pain

Structural Energetic Therapy rehabilitates the condition that produces pain and dysfunction without surgery — long term! 

 Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET) is a body restructuring treatment that incorporates advanced medical massage techniques based on the individual needs of the client. 

95% of muscle pain is created by the core distortion. The core distortion is created by restrictions in the movement of the cranium. The movement of the cranial bones relate to the rest of the body in a structural manner. In the core distortion, there is a spiraling twist from head to toe and a shifting of the sacrum and pelvis. The shift in the sacrum causes a slight curvature up the spine. This structural imbalance creates weakened muscle strain patterns throughout the entire body.

Over time, we fall deeper and deeper into the core distortion. Muscles can't function properly, become weakened and lack the ability to provide full range of motion. WHEN THERE IS PAIN, THERE IS PROOF THAT YOU HAVE FALLEN DEEPER INTO THIS CORE DISTORTION. The visible signs of a deep core distortion (forward head posture, shoulders rolled forward, high shoulder, nerve compression, one leg shorter than the other) develope with daily activities, injuries, sports activities, sleeping in a bed that's too soft, repetitive stresses, etc. Progressively, we develop degenerative disk conditions, herniated disks, scoliosis, stenosis, etc...

Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) rehabilitates the condition that produces pain.

SET is highly effective in treating the following conditions...

Anxiety Alzheimer's/Dementia
Arthritis Autism
Auto Accident Injury Back Pain
Bursitis Carpal Tunnel
Degenerative Disk Disease Depression
Emotional Release Therapy Fibromyalgia
Foot Pain Frozen Shoulder
Headaches/Migraines Heel Spurs
Herniated/Bulging Disks Hiatal Hernia/Acid Reflux
Hip Pain Joint Inflexibility
Knee Pain Lupus
Neck Pain Nerve Conditions/Entrapments
Neuralgia Osteoporosis
Parkinson's Plantar Fasciitis

Post Concussion Syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis
TMJ Disorder

Restless Leg Syndrome
Sciatic Pain
Shoulder Pain
Surgical Scars/Adhesions
Tennis Elbow
Trigger Finger
And much more...


Services offered:

Advanced Medical Therapeutic Massage
Structural Energetic Therapy (SET),
Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage,
Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy

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